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* Please describe the biggest project you have written code for and what you learned by doing so. Also describe your role in that project over time.
*: The biggest project I have worked on is, as mentioned, my bachelor thesis. It was my first big project and I have learned very much from it. I started on the project last spring and my object was to build a program that could isolate zeros to a system of two analytic functions. Since I am a mathematics student the goal was to have it generate validated results, both on the number of zeros and their locations. It was done using interval methods with the C-XSC package [[]]. This was my first project were I used version control in a serious way. I did many mistakes at first, for example keeping track of binary files and making to large commits, but I learned a lot. I learned about optimizing and parallelizing. For some problems the program run ran for several days on multiple computers, so performance was very important. At first I wrote the program for myself only, no documentation and weird input and output. Later on I realized I also wanted other people to be able to use the program. This made me rewrite the whole input and output so that it would be easier to understand and use. Now, whenever I start a new project, even if it is just for me at the moment, I think about how I can make using the program easier for other people. The latest version of the project is available at GitHub,
* Please state the commits and patches you already contributed to Octave.


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