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== Y: Your task ==
* Did you select a task from our list of proposals and ideas?
*: Sort of** If yes. My main interests lies in improving the interval package. The are a couple of listed possible projects, what task did you choose? Please describe what part all of which sound interesting. I have have also thought about a different project, implementing Taylor arithmetic in Octave. I think that for the interval package to really shine it you especially want needs access to focus on automatic differentiation, which could be done in the form of Taylor arithmetic. I have implemented a proof-of-concept for how this could work [[]]. Though I am not sure if it is reasonable to implement a whole new Octave-forge package during GSoC and I am nor sure who could mentor such a project, if you can already provide this informationis interesting please let me know.** If you apply : The project I have looked most at is the one about implementing support for a task you have added yourself instead, please describe N-dimensional arrays of vectors. I think that this task, its scope and people you already talked projects is important if we want to concerning itmake working with intervals as natural as working with floating points in Octave. What field of tasks did you miss on the list?* Please provide Below I give a rough estimated timeline possible time line for your work on the taskthis.[[Category*: '''Community Bonding''' (May 4-30)*: '''First Term''' (May 30 - June 30)*: '''Second Term''' (June 30 - July 28)*: Summer of Code]]'''Final Term''' (July 28 - August 29)


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