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** OpenGL and Qt: Unfortunately, I have no programming background in these languages.
* Please describe your experience with other programming languages.
** Python: For small scale projects, python Python is my favorite prototyping language. For projects where a small speedup If the increase in speed is not essential (mainly personal projects), I have used prefer using python almost anywhere. Its versatility makes it a veritable tool. I prefer using Python as my preferred language3.x to 2.x. I have created small project based on detecting the language using trigrams, which is available on GitHub. I have also created a project to download anime from online sites like Gogoanime, which unfortunately was rendered useless by the anti DDOS protections.
** Bash Scripting: As I am an Ubuntu user, Bash scripting is an invaluable tool for making my life easier. From renaming files to executing complicated commands repeatedly to the trusty /configure /make /make install, bash scripting lets me automate many tedious jobs.
** ASP.NET programming: I have worked on creating forms on the web as part of data collection in a Data Analytics internship in Deloitte.
** LaTeX : Since I use Ubuntu as my primary operating system, I use LibreOffice instead of the Microsoft suite. However, I was never really happy with LibreOffice. Hence, for all applications where the output can be a pdf, I use LaTeX to render the output.
* Please describe your experience with being in a development team.
** While I have no experience in open source or free projects, I have been a part of a local startup (AliveHome), as an IoT firmware developer for 2 months. I also have a similar 2 month internship with Deloitte Mumbai, where I worked as a data analyst. Finally, I have a couple of projects which I have created as a part of a group project, spanning a semester (4 months).


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