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** OpenGL and Qt: Unfortunately, I have no programming background in these languages.
* Please describe your experience with other programming languages.
** Python: For small scale projects, python Python is my favorite prototyping language. For projects where a small speedup If the increase in speed is not essential (mainly personal projects), I have used prefer using python almost anywhere. Its versatility makes it a veritable tool. I prefer using Python as my preferred language3.x to 2.x. I have created small project based on detecting the language using trigrams, which is available on GitHub. I have also created a project to download anime from online sites like Gogoanime, which unfortunately was rendered useless by the anti DDOS protections.
** Bash Scripting: As I am an Ubuntu user, Bash scripting is an invaluable tool for making my life easier. From renaming files to executing complicated commands repeatedly to the trusty /configure /make /make install, bash scripting lets me automate many tedious jobs.
** ASP.NET programming: I have worked on creating forms on the web as part of data collection in a Data Analytics internship in Deloitte.
** LaTeX : Since I use Ubuntu as my primary operating system, I use LibreOffice instead of the Microsoft suite. However, I was never really happy with LibreOffice. Hence, for all applications where the output can be a pdf, I use LaTeX to render the output.
* Please describe your experience with being in a development team.
** While I have no experience in open source or free projects, I have been a part of a local startup (AliveHome), as an IoT firmware developer for 2 months. I also have a similar 2 month internship with Deloitte Mumbai, where I worked as a data analyst. Finally, I have a couple of projects which I have created as a part of a group project, spanning a semester (4 months).
* Please estimate an average time per day you will be able to access
** an internet connection
*** Full access
** a computer
*** Full access
** a computer with your progressing work on
*** Full access
* Please describe the degree to which you can install new software on computers you have access to.
** Full access
*** I like to think about the code intensively before starting. However, an overview is acceptable as far as discussion is concerned.
** Do you like to code a proof of concept to 'see how it turns out', modifying that and taking the risk of having work thrown away if it doesn't match what the project or original proponent had in mind?
*** I have rarely coded on projects where the only options are accepted code or "thrown out" code. Usually, I prefer cucles cycles of coding and feedback, as the code starts resembling what the original proponent has in mind. If that is impossible, it depends on the length of the code. If it is a comprehensive project, or one where the execution time is measurable in days, I prefer a proof of concept. Else, I prefer to start working right away.
== Y: Your task ==
** July 28 to August 20: Creating Example codes, help files and other documentation as necessary.
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