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The We are happy to announce the upcoming Octave Conference 2018 will to be held at [ CERN], near Geneva, Switzerland, from March 12th until March 15th.  
The Local Organising Committee is happy and proud that CERN will host this event for at least two reasons:
* Octave is a fundamental tool of analysis and research for hundreds of CERN scientists
The two-day plus two-half-day event will be an opportunity for sharing experiences, planning the future of Octave and promoting its use among the scientific community and beyond.
Our [[OctConf_2018#Scientific_committee | scientific committee]] is working out the details of the programme, which will include: a presentation by Octave's creator and main maintainer John W. Eaton in the CERN Main Auditorium (Monday afternoon), several interesting talks about applications of Octave to various scientific domains, code sprints, and a session to promote the open-source supported by public institutions as a model for free and successful development. The call for contributions and abstract will be open soon. 
We are hopeful that the The key members of the Octave development team will make itparticipate in the conference, both from oversea and from Europe. You can find updated information on the programme in this Wiki page and we are filling the [ Indico] timetable.
== Dates ==
== Participants ==
To register officially, please use the CERN conference manager [ Indico].
* [[User:KaKiLa|JuanPi Carbajal]]


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