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[[File:octconf2017.jpg|thumb|left|500px|Participants OctConf 2017 first day]]
We are happy to announce the upcoming Octave Conference 2017 to be held at [ CERN], near Geneva, Switzerland, from March 20th until March 22nd. The Local Organising Committee is happy and proud that CERN will host this event for at least two reasons: Octave [2] is a fundamental tool of analysis and research for hundreds of CERN scientists; Octave and CERN share and promote the same values of openness, cooperation, diversity, quality and commitment.
To register officially, please use the CERN conference manager [ Indico].
In addition, *please* add your name to the Participants section of this page so we can plan appropriately.
[[File:octconf2017.jpg|frame|200px|Participants OctConf 2017 first day]]
We are hopeful that the key members of the Octave development team will make it, both from oversea and from Europe. You can find more updated information on the programme in the [ CERN's OctConf webpage] and in here.


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