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Before 30 May:
I want to be more familiarised with the community and the mentors. I would like to contribute as much as I can to the nnet forge package. I plan to check if it is possible to reuse code from such package, since it is related to neural networks. In addition, we should study how the Matlab CNN toolbox works in depth so we can have a great modulated and configurable design for our package so it can be compatible before coding. It is critic finding if Pytave offers enough functionality to use Tensorflow (or even Keras) from the Python interface.
Phase 1, until 30 June:
Add extra features like the activations class, that can display a layer activations, and the possibility to load pretrainned networks. We could start by defining the AlexNET and VGG16 networks but this could be extended with an exporting/importing tool to unload/load CNNs' architecture and weights in files. Add documented use cases to create a tutorial.
Through the whole process I plan to keep the code well documented using Doxygen. In case we manage to use the Tensorflow's Python interface, we could look for another way of doing it (like Sphinx).
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