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The current documentation indicates the type of function, such as "Command", "Function File", "Built-in Function", or "Mapper Function". The documentation for the command ls() is shown below.

 -- Command:  ls
 -- Command:  ls FILENAMES
 -- Command:  ls OPTIONS
 -- Command:  ls OPTIONS FILENAMES
 -- Function File: LIST = ls (...)

This display of function type is unnecessary and reduces the amount of room available on the screen to document the function.

Example 1 : Modify @deftypefn in m-file (ls() from ls.m)[edit]

Before After
## @deftypefn  {Command} {} ls
## @deftypefnx {Command} {} ls @var{filenames}
## @deftypefnx {Command} {} ls @var{options}
## @deftypefnx {Command} {} ls @var{options} @var{filenames}
## @deftypefnx {Function File} {@var{list} =} ls (@dots{})
## @deftypefn  {} {} ls
## @deftypefnx {} {} ls @var{filenames}
## @deftypefnx {} {} ls @var{options}
## @deftypefnx {} {} ls @var{options} @var{filenames}
## @deftypefnx {} {@var{list} =} ls (@dots{})

Example 2 : Multiple Conditional (fopen() from[edit]

Before After


== Detailed Instructions ==

The list of files which contain an instance of @deftypefn is shown in the Files section of this page.  The actual instances, including line numbers, are shown in the Instances section.  To avoid duplication, sign up for a particular file by editing the Files section of this wiki page and replacing '???' with your name.  When you have edited a file you should verify that everything is okay by executing

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When that passes, let a Maintainer know so that we can check in the changes. Also, add the wiki tags
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to the Files section to cross the file off the list. In addition, increment the number of files that were fixed by +1.


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