Online Developer Meeting (2020-06-09)

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Todays topics[edit]

Octave 6 blockers[edit]

  • Bug #57439 function handles to private functions
    • Does it cause the MS Windows slowdown? (probably yes)
    • Timeline for fix? No.
    • Ideas for a fix on jwe's private dev repo (link?)
  • Bug #57591 crash during graphics generation / run of test suite
    • Use Buildbot to track?
    • Nobody knows the cause of these random, non-reproducible crashes.

Referencing packages[edit]

Development image[edit]

  • Would there be value to a development VM or other type of image to provide a standard environment?
    • currently a Docker exists with the latest build for usage/testing
    • if a VM, what is the minimal sized setup to make it useful/effective
  • Could instructions on the Wiki provide this purpose?
    • See Building on Microsoft Windows.
    • WSL and instructions might provide a development path for MS Windows users.
    • If instructions are enough, would instructions for a user to get and setup a VM or WSL enough to remove need to host a VM?

Ideas for next meeting[edit]

Topic suggestions[edit]


  • Test audio 5 minutes before meeting.

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