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Installing Octave[edit]

To simply install the latest stable release of GNU Octave on Arch Linux, just execute (as root):

pacman -S octave

Using AUR, one can install a development version of Octave, for example octave-hg. If you encounter any problems during the build process, some problems and solutions are listed in the comments on AUR. New dependencies are easy to extract from the PKGBUILD.

Building Octave from source[edit]

For general build instructions, see Building.

To install the Octave build dependencies on Arch Linux, just execute (as root):

pacman -S --needed base-devel pcre mercurial gcc-fortran gperf perl rsync transfig arpack curl fftw fltk glpk glu graphicsmagick hdf5 java-environment qhull qscintilla-qt5 texinfo gnuplot llvm texlive-bin icoutils gl2ps qrupdate epstool

If you wish to build the Octave documentation, install the following packets too:

pacman -S graphviz doxygen

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