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A: An introduction

Q. Please describe yourself in three sentences, one of them regarding your current studies.

A. My name is Brijesh Vora. I am from Gujarat, India. I have completed the 2nd year of my computer science degree in IIT TIRUPATI.

Q. Which languages do you speak?

A. English, Hindi, Gujarati

Q. What's your overall background? The general field you work in or are studying, e.g. computer science, physics, artificial intelligence, control theory...

A. My major is in computer science and I am interested in maths and programming.

Q. Why do you want to participate in the Google Summer of Code? What do you hope to gain by doing so?

A. I want to contribute to open source organizations and get some experience with working them. So, GSoC seamed perfect to me. Also, If I once start contributing to open source then I will become a regular contributor.

Q.Please also describe your previous experience with the GSoC, if any. Includes any community-bonding, mentor experience or application, not necessarily accepted. We use this subquestion to identify which students are unfamiliar with how the program goes, providing further support. It has no negative impact on your rating!

A. I applied for GSoC in my first year and I got rejected as I, unfortunately, selected the difficult project which was beyond my scope, but that just gave me inspiration to not look back and not be afraid of any failure. This time I am fully ready, I know my weakness and strength and ready to give up whatever it takes to achieve my goal.

Q. Why are you choosing Octave? A. I love mathematics and programming so Octave seemed perfect for me to simultaneously work on maths and programming and that too in a big organization like this. It's a dream come true.

C: Contact

  • Please state the (unique and identical where possible) nick you use on IRC and any other communication channel related to Octave. We really want unique nicks. You might want to bold it.
  • Which time zone do you live in? Will that change over GSoC duration? Perhaps DST adjustment or a relocation. Note that both UTC and GMT are not aware of daylight saving time! Please state UTC+x or -x.
  • Please state the timeframe (in UTC+0) when you feel most comfortable working during GSoC. Where are your time buffers?
    • Example: I usually code around 9.00 to 18.00 and could also try to start earlier (~7.00) for few days ;-)