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A: An introduction

  • My name is Nader Nabil Mansour, Egyptian student. Hard-worker, passionate software engineering student. Currently i am in my last year in college , studying computer and systems engineering at faculty of engineering - Ain-Shams University.
    • Languages I speak: Arabic (native) and English (very good).
    • I have a very good background in mathematics (ODEs, linear algebra, numerical analysis and calculus), electronic and electric circuits and computer science(oop , data srtucture , problem solving skills).
  • Google summer of code is a great opportunity to contribute in an open source project , and see a code of large software , dealing with different people , work in a team and learn from their experiences .
    • I don't have any previous experience with the GSoC.
  • After searching and seeing a lot of organizations ideas and projects , i found that octave has some interesting and understandable ideas . so i decided to work with octave this summer.

C: Contact

  • User name on Savannah and Nick name on IRC: nadern96
  • I live in Cairo (UTC+2). my location won't change over GSOC duration.
  • I usually code around 10.00 to 18.00 and could also try to start earlier (~8.00) for few days

E: Coding experience

  • Solid knowledge of C++ and used it in many projects.
  • I have been using octave/MATLAB for about two years,familiar with some packages like: Control and Signals. I wrote some m-scripts and used Simulink.
  • I have a good knowledge of Qt and made many college projects using it (PCI Bus Simulator, Scheduler , Parser , Scanner , Graph Centrality).
  • I have a good knowledge of Python and some knowledge of Java/JS.
  • I get used to work in a since the second year in college , in a lot of projects in college or in competitions. i don't have experience with open source.
  • The biggest project i have written code for is the PCI Bus Simulator and arbiters , we have developed 2 versions of that simulator. A non-Gui version that is implemented using Verilog and a GUI-version implemented Qt c++ . my role was:
    • Implementing the GUI interface using Qt.
    • Integrating the system.
    • Documentation and reporting
  • I have solved a bug in strncmp function , it is a Matlab compatibility issue [1]. I have already submitted a patch and got feedback from the maintainers and waiting for their evaluation after the modifications.

F: Feeling fine

  • I am familiar with IRC .
  • I am familiar with mailing list and used it in communication with the mentors.
  • I used Mercurial to submit a patch and have a good experience with other version control systems which is 'git'.
  • I am new to the wiki.
  • I am familiar with make , gcc ,not familiar with gdb.
  • To help completing the project i worked on during GSOC , helping other one to complete what i started.