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* I am familiar with make , gcc ,not familiar with gdb.  
* I am familiar with make , gcc ,not familiar with gdb.  
* To help completing the project i worked on during GSOC , helping other one to complete what i started.
* To help completing the project i worked on during GSOC , helping other one to complete what i started.
== O: Only out of interest ==
* I heard about octave two years ago in college as an open source alternative for MATLAB since we have assignments that used MATLAB and we needed a software with similar capabilities. 
* I think that any question i searched for , i found it's answer in the wiki.
== P: Prerequisites ==
* I use Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.
* I have my own laptop that i could access anytime.
* I have full access and I can install any new software on it.
* I will be able to access internet connection, a computer with my progressing work on any time on the day.
== S: Self-assessment ==
* Criticism is important and highly appreciated as it allows me to learn from other's experiences. To make the best of it I prefer it to:
** Be as specific as possible.
** Be supported with examples.
* I prefer to have a clear plan before starting to implement the required algorithm / script rather than have unclear requirements and doing work that doesn't fit these requirements.
* Coding a proof of concept gives an immediate feedback of the reliability of my work. It may set me in the right path faster than other cases where I can't get the accuracy of my results. Even if my work is thrown away, the most important thing for me is to learn and get knowledge. However, it also means that we have known one wrong path that should be avoided in future.
*I might require frequent reviewing and feedback from my mentor to make sure that i am on the right track and improve the quality of the implemented functions.
== Y: Your task ==
*I am interested in working on the "'''Using Python within Octave'''" project.
*The goal is to is to add functions and types to Octave to allow calling Python functions directly from Octave.
List of deliverables :
** Perform slice indexing on lists and other sequence objects using parentheses indexing syntax
** Operate on Python objects using standard Octave arithmetic and logical operators
** Load and save Python objects to Octave data files using the standard load/save commands
* My proposal can be found here :

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