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These are my todo lists for tracking things I am working on or want to work on. You can add to my lists to assign me things or give me ideas, but please sign anything you add to this page with "~~~~".



Signal Package

Communications Package

  • Rewrite convenc to use trellis from poly2trellis, test for same results
  • Write vitdec
  • Write rcosine, rcosfir, rcosflt, rcosiir functions

Specfun Package

  • Try to rewrite cosint in terms of expint only instead of duplicated expint helper functions
  • Add tests for cosint and sinint from A&S, similar to what I added to expint in Octave
  • Resurrect old ellipj.m and compare results and performance to in Octave core


  • Can urlread and urlwrite be tested using file:// URLs with temporary files?
  • Octave 4.0 release goals...