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These are my todo lists for tracking things I am working on or want to work on. You can add to my lists to assign me things or give me ideas, but please sign anything you add to this page with "~~~~".


  • Add urlread and urlwrite tests using file:// URLs with temporary files


Signal Package

  • Compare pwelch wrapper functions (cpsd, tfestimate) to Matlab, change plot type shown?
  • Look at sos2*, ss2*, tf2*, zp2* functions and make more consistent
  • Add spectrogram function, make specgram a deprecated wrapper around spectrogram
  • Convert help texts to texinfo (work in progress)
  • Convert style to Octave coding style standards (work in progress)
  • Add test blocks for all functions (work in progress)

Communications Package

  • Write vitdec
  • Write rcosine, rcosfir, rcosflt, rcosiir functions
  • Add useful test blocks for all functions (work in progress)