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About Me

I am a user, developer, and advocate of GNU Octave. I started using GNU Octave around May 2007 while working on my MSEE. I started submitting bugs and working on Octave in February 2012, mainly to fix some compilation problems I had with the newest version on an older Red Hat Enterprise 5.2 system I use at work. One thing led to another and I am now learning my way around the code base, helping to fix bugs, test, etc.

My main areas of interest within Octave are stability and consistency of user experience, portability, particularly to different versions of GNU/Linux and Unix, and the signal processing and communications packages. My primary development environment is Debian GNU/Linux.

I am involved in packaging and testing Octave for both the Debian and Ubuntu distributions. I am a member of the Debian Octave Group and the Ubuntu Octave Team.

I can be found on #octave as mtmx.

My editor of choice is Vim.

Octave Work

See User:Mtmiller/TODO.

External Links

I work under the following profiles on these development sites. These are all related to work I've done with Octave to some degree.