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* [ mtmiller] on Bitbucket
* [ mtmiller] on Bitbucket
* [ mtmiller] on GitHub
* [ mtmiller] on GitHub
* [ mtmiller] on Alioth
* [ mtmiller] on GitLab
* [ mtmiller] on Debian Salsa
* [ mtmiller] on Launchpad
* [ mtmiller] on Launchpad

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About Me

I am a user, developer, and advocate of GNU Octave. I started using Octave around May 2007 while working on my MSEE. I started submitting bugs and patches against Octave in February 2012, mainly to fix some compilation problems I had with the latest release on an older Red Hat Enterprise 5 system I used at work. One thing led to another and I am now a co-maintainer of the Octave project, frequent contributor to both development and discussion, bug triager, tester, etc.

My main areas of interest within the Octave project are

  • developing Octave's nascent Python interface
  • maintaining the signal processing and communications packages
  • maintaining and improving Octave's build system
  • aiming for stability and consistency of user experience, portability, particularly to different versions of GNU/Linux and Unix
  • encouraging new contributors, mentoring, and helping to build community around Octave

My primary development environment is Debian GNU/Linux, but I occasionally build and test Octave on other distributions and Unices.

I am involved in packaging and testing Octave for both the Debian and Ubuntu distributions. I am a member of the Debian Octave Group and the Ubuntu Octave Team.

I have been a mentor for two very successful projects under the Google Summer of Code program.

I can be found on #octave as mtmiller.

My editor of choice is Vim.

Octave Project Ideas

I always have more ideas for projects I would like to work on than I have time for. Please feel free to contact me about any of these ideas, borrow them, work on them, copy them to the projects page, but let me know as a courtesy and in case I have any other thoughts or partial work that might be useful.

  • Create a complete Vim environment with User:Rik's syntax highlighting rules, indenting, if-end keyword matching, function block jumping, etc.
  • Update pygments syntax highlighting for Octave if needed.
  • Apply User:Oheim's custom css for the interval package to the communications package manual.
  • Make a static m-file format/style analyzer, a la pep8, that can help users teach themselves GNU Octave style conventions.
  • Adapt Debian packaging to operate on a clean hg clone, add build-deps (bison, flex, gperf), build package from any hg revision
    • Can this be used to run an automatic build of a "nightly" package on Launchpad?
    • Should any of this be applied to the official Debian packaging?
  • Query the terminal size directly from the terminal instead of readline as a fallback. Also allow COLUMNS and LINES to override terminal size.
  • Hi-resolution time using clock_gettime if available instead of gettimeofday.

Octave Work

See User:Mtmiller/TODO.

External Links

I work under the following profiles on these development sites. These are all related to work I've done with Octave to some degree.