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TISEAN Package Porting Project

Elaborated proposal

Porting of the TISEAN package has a couple parts. First part is making the fortran and c programs accessible to Octave. Second part would be creating makefiles and putting all that code in a neat package. I have divided the first part into three subparts:

  1. fortran ones that can be re-implemented easily in m-files (a good example of such a program is 'henon')
  2. the fortran ones that need to be linked to oct files
  3. c programs which also need to be linked to oct files.

As linking fortran code to oct code is most diffucult of those three tasks I assume in my estimates that it will take me around 3 hours for each program, there are 28 in this category. Thus I assume it will take me about 2-3 to complete this task. Next there are the programs in the Tisean which can be ported to m-files easily. As this is not as difficult a task as porting fortran code to oct files I have alloted 2 hr for each program. I have put 5 programs in this category thus it should only take me about 2 days to complete this task Last but not least, I have 41 programs in C that need to ported to Oct files. As this task seems fairly straightforward I have allotted 2 for each program. There are 41 programs in this category, therefore this task should also take me 2-3 weeks. I plan to allot another 2 weeks for cleaning the code up thus bringing it to a grand total of about 7 weeks. My plan is to tackle the hardest task first, that is to work on the fortran programs that need to be linked to oct files. There are 9 weeks designated for GSoC so I hope the extra room will allow me easily finish on time.