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Somehow I got involved with GNU octave even though I don't actually need it for work anymore. I used it for 6 months during my PhD to write the FRAPINATOR.

Octave to do list

You can add stuff to my todo list (I may however move it back to your todo list on your userpage). Don't forget to sign each item with ~~~~

wiki to do list

octave code to write

  • make unimplemented check for packages as well
  • implement Template:Codeline:@inputParser/StructExpand property on general package
  • implement strel object for image package
  • implement nlinfit as wrapper to leasqr once inputParser is finished
  • make test and demo deal with tests and demos in .cc packages
I don't like the first option. It's ugly and further pollutes the user namespace. And even if we have some Makefile that copies the .cc file at pkg install time, users won't know they have to make the call to test and demo differently. I guess demo and test functions would have to be modifed for that. I say just place the demos and tests on the .cc file. Later we can change pkg to copy the .cc file, and then change demo and test to look for those files if the function is .oct file. Tests are mainly used in development so users won't need them. Demos... well in the case of ellipj, it has not been working for a very long time so my guess is that people haven't been using it that much. What do you think?
  • replacement for morphology toolbox
  • port omero toolbox
  • use post_install to move oct into private directory?
  • import to octave from octave-forge
    • condeig (linear-algebra)
    • ellipj (specfun)
    • ellipke (specfun)
    • exifread <-- readexif (image) but should probably be implemented in C++ using GraphicsMagick. Actually maybe we shouldn't even bother. Matlab is deprecating it in favour of imfinfo.
    • expint (specfun)
    • funm (linear-algebra)
    • gsvd (linear-algebra)
    • inputdlg (java)
    • listdlg (java)
    • publish (miscellaneous)
    • resample (signal)

octave-forge to do

  • finish iptcheckinput
  • get an octave-forge logo (falar com o Duarte)
  • finish zenity package once inputParser is finished
  • get hough transform function in image package compatible
  • look into [SIP] and [sivp]
  • from Perl
    • File::Temp
    • check for revision numbers
    • Getopt::Long
  • port ReadImageJROI
  • make better normxcorr2: [Jordi metioned this paper] and
  • fix warnings on C++ code of xml functions moved to IO package
  • fix on optim package
    • move test scripts into function test blocks
    • move example scripts into demo blocks
  • turn __bwdist into bwdist (image package)

other octave related todo

  • update gtksourceview octave lang file
  • make gtksourceview highlight octave help text as texinfo
  • make gtksourceview highlight test and demo as octave and not comment


  • find copyright holder of gcvsplf.f after death of Herman Woltring


 Dear Dr. Koski,
 I regret to tell you that Dr. Woltring died long ago in a traffic
 accident. At the time at which this happened Dr. Woltring was not
 affiliated with my University anymore. I have no idea where his computer
 programs went. Neither have do I have any written material other than
 what is published in Journals. Good luck to you; sincerely Rik Huiskes,

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