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Public application template

This part is answered in public on your user page. Please copy its source (edit) and then fill. Delete any examples and annotations (this markup) afterwards. Same for questions that do not apply to your situation.

A: An introduction

Ambitious and someone who wants to achieve the maximum heights in career. When given a specific task, I can figure out the best ways to solve the problem with a creative approach. I am very determined and optimistic person and can produce results under any circumstances. I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee pursuing career in Geophysics.

I speak Hindi and English.

I am currently studying geophysics and signal processing.

Google Summer of Code is the perfect platform to enhance your coding skills and contribute your work to the real world where you can actually make the difference. I hope to be a better and mature programmer by participating in this program.

This will be my first experience with the Google Summer of Codes.

I am choosing Octave as I am very much familiar with the concepts of C++ and the current field of my studying constantly requires use of Matlab, which is very much similar to Octave. I have gained a lot of experience working on Matlab and want to work and contribute for development of Octave.

C: Contact

My nick on IRC channel is lm10 .

I live in India Time Zone (UTC +05:30) and it will be same during GSoC.

I feel comfortable working during 08.00 to 18.00. But I can extend my timing till the work demands :). (UTC +05:30)

E: Coding experience

I have been writing codes and programs since 9th grade as my hobby and studied the C++ course in 11th and 12th standard. I also studied C++ in my college and have a good experience in writing codes in C++. My current field of studies requires working with Matlab m-scripts on topics related with Signal Processing and different modelling and inversion techniques of linear equations. I have also developed some codes on optimization techniques comprising both linear and non-linear methods of numerical optimization. I have also developed an encryptor and decryptor on Matlab based on level-key concept for my hobby.

I have not worked extensively with other languages but know the basics of Python,HTML and CSS.

I have written the codes for some problems, but the biggest is the one I wrote while working under my professor. The code calculates the depth of the magnetic/gravity anomaly which causes the anomaly in the potential fields. The code was written in Matlab m-script. The code digitizes the potential field contours and interpolates the field, if required and computes the radial average of the power spectrum of field. The log of radially averaged power spectrum is plotted against wavenumber and the depth can be roughly estimated by slope of curve. For precise calculation of parameters the inversion was done by the codes written for linear programming (L1-norm and L2-norm) to obtain exact depth. I learned a lot in this project about my field as well as Matlab programming. I was the lead programmer in this project and contributed in most of the code.

Apart from this, as a hobby, I wrote a code for encryptor which encrypts the message of any length for random level and key and tells the level and key if asked. I also then developed an individual decryptor which decrypts the message by asking level and key of the encryption.

F: Feeling fine

  • Please describe (in short) your experience with the following tools: We only use this question to determine where you need guidance, not for rating! We by no means expect you to be familiar with all of these and you'll won't necessarily need them while working with us.
    • IRC and mailing lists
    • Mercurial or other source code management systems
    • Mediawiki or other wiki software
    • make, gcc, gdb or other development tools
  • What will make you actively stay in our community after this GSoC is over? You can also tell us after applications close and we'll happily try to fulfill :-)

O: Only out of interest

  • Did you ever hear about Octave before?
    • If so, when and where? How far have you been involved already?
    • If not, where would you expect or advise us to do advertising?
  • What was the first question concerning Octave you could not find an answer to rather quickly? Of course more than one question can be stated. We try to improve based on this each year! Includes learning how to use it, code, website, GSoC application, …

P: Prerequisites

I work with Windows 10.

I will be able to access an internet connection, a computer with my progressing work on the whole day.

As I am using windows 10, I can install the software completely depending whether the crack is present.

S: Self-assessment

  • Please describe how useful criticism looks from your point of view as committing student.
  • How autonomous are you when developing? If you answer both subquestions with "Yes, definitely", we are a tad confused. ;-)
    • Do you like to discuss changes intensively and not start coding until you know what you want to do?
    • Do you like to code a proof of concept to 'see how it turns out', modifying that and taking the risk of having work thrown away if it doesn't match what the project or original proponent had in mind?

Y: Your task

  • Did you select a task from our list of proposals and ideas?
    • If yes, what task did you choose? Please describe what part of it you especially want to focus on if you can already provide this information. Please also wiki-link the page for your elaborated proposal here.
    • If you apply for a task you have added yourself instead, please describe this task, its scope and people you already talked to concerning it. What field of tasks did you miss on the list?
  • Please provide a rough estimated timeline for your work on the task. This should include the GSoC midterms and personal commitments like exams or vacation ("non-coding time"). Optionally include two or three milestones you expect.