Template:Student application template private

Private application template

This part is only meant to be included in your application at Google Melange. Nobody needs to see your contact details in public!

A: An introduction

  • Please give an idea of the timeframe you plan to be
    • working on your project

The proposed project is planned to be in working condition in at maximum 45 days.

    • able to join our IRC channel

I can be easily available on IRC chat in GMT+10 till GMT+23(13-14 hours)

  • Do you have other commitments for the summer period? Do you plan to take any vacations?

No other commitments has been done for this summer.

    • If yes, when and for how long?
  • Please describe your written English.

I am quite familiar in expressing the intricacies in various matters.

C: Contact

  • Please state the (unique and identical where possible) nick you use on IRC and any other communication channel related to Octave.

sharma94 is my IRC nick.Skype nick : mudit.sharma78

  • Please state the email address you check most regularly.


  • Which time zone (UTC+-x) and country do you live in? Will that change over SoC duration (DST changes perhaps)?

India follows GMT+530.No it won't change in the SoC duration.

  • Are there instant messenger networks you regularly visit? Would you like your mentor to contact you there?

WhatsApp is frequently visited.In extreme circumstances such as if I am unavailable for at maximum 2 days.The mentor must Ping me: My phoneNo: +91-9716568194

  • Please decide if you would like us to have further non-public contact information of you and share them here. This is meant as absolutely last resort (total absence from internet or computer havoc for instance). It might, for instance, be a phone number with international code. It will only be shared with the mentor in case of absolute emergency and never be published!

Phone no:91+9716568194

S: Self-assessment

  • Do you give constructive advice? Do you receive advice ?

I have adviced many of my friends on their projects and they have liked them so far.I too welcome advices and am really willing to implement them.

  • Are you good at sorting useful criticisms from useless ones?

People are really good at criticizing ideas.It is therefore necessary to sort them in the polynomial time :-P.

Y: Your task

  • Why did you choose your particular task? What do you expect to gain from working on it?

The task involving improving matrix functions was deliberately chosen.I wanted to do a project in which I could display my maths skills. Octave was the best way to do so! Working with Octave will definitely sharpen my math skills further and of course coding too.