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The Wiki is in need of cleaned up. A list of specifics is below. Feel free to add and discuss.

  • What about MXE? Couldn't we use it to generate binaries with hydra?
  • Add installation notes for Windows
    • Cygwin
      • WIndows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
    • MinGW
      • WIndows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
    • MSVS
      • WIndows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
  • Add installation notes for MacOS X.
    • MacOS 10.5 (Leopard)
    • MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    • MacOS 10.7 (Lion)
  • Add installation notes for Linux distributions. Should this be organized by distribution, or by package management?
    • CentOS
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • openSUSE
    • Ubuntu
    • Others
Do you mean installation or building notes? In my opinion, a page for building from source with subsections for each distro, rather than a page for each distro would be better, otherwise we will end up repeating text a lot. I don't know the specifics of OS other than Linux but from what I see on the mailing list, they appear to be quite peculiar. As such, maybe a different page for non-Linux. Or to avoid OSism (OS racism) a general page about building from source with interwiki links for OS specific instructions. carandraug 06:39, 16 January 2012 (PST)
  • Add installation nodes for commercial Unix distributions.
  • Reorganization of the content: In my opinion the entry page of the wiki shouldn't have a lot of clutter, only meanigful titles which are linked to the specific wiki site.