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The symbolic package is part of the octave-forge project.

Demo of Anonymous function to symbolic function and back to anonymous function and then the use of the interval pkg.

% this is just a formula to start with

% have fun and change it if you want to.

f=@(x) x.^2 +3*x-1 + 5*x.*sin(x);

% the next 2 line take the Anonymous function into a symbolic formula

syms x;


% now calculate the derivative of the function


% and convert it back to an Anonymous function


% this uses the interval pkg. to find all the roots between -15 an 10

fzero (f, infsup (-15, 10), df)

ans ⊂ 4×1 interval vector

   [-5.743488743719015, -5.743488743719013]
   [-3.0962279604822407, -3.09622796048224]
  [-0.777688831121563, -0.7776888311215626]
  [0.22911205809043574, 0.2291120580904359]