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Octave has participated in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) since 2011 and the ESA Summer of Code in Space (SoCiS) since 2012. Both programs continue to bring potential new contributors to Octave and have them work on interesting projects that could be merged into Octave or otherwise benefit the Octave community.

This page lists all current and past summer of code projects done for Octave under both programs.

Current Projects

GSoC 2015 Projects

The following projects have been accepted for the 2015 GSoC, under the GNU Project umbrella this year.

Student Project Summary
Asma Afzal Optimization package: Add Matlab-compatible lsqcurvefit, lsqlin, lsqnonlin, etc.
Piotr Held Interface to the TISEAN library
Antonio Pino Robles Improved performance of funm and related matrix functions

SoCiS 2015 Projects

Not yet announced.

Past Projects