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Octave has participated in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) since 2011 (as part of GNU in 2011-2013 and 2015) and the ESA Summer of Code in Space (SoCiS) since 2012. Both programs continue to bring potential new contributors to Octave and have them work on interesting projects that could be merged into Octave or otherwise benefit the Octave community.

This page lists all current and past summer of code projects done for Octave under both programs.

Current and Past Projects

GSoC 2018

Student Project Summary
Sahil Yadav Octave Code Sharing
P Sudeepam A fast and accurate command line suggestion feature
Erivelton Gualter Interactive tool for SISO Linear Control System Design

GSoC 2017

Student Project Summary
PiyushJain Boolean operations on polygons
Michele Ginesi Make Specfuns special again
urathai Interval arithmetic on N-dimensional arrays
Enrico Bertino Convolutional neural networks

GSoC 2016

Student Project Summary
Bumi Generalized eigenvalue problem
Chiara Segala Exponential integrators
Francesco Faccio ode15s
Amr Mohamed Boolean operations on polygons
Abhinav Tripathi Symbolic package

SoCiS 2016

Student Project Summary
Cristiano Dorigo Iterative solvers for sparse linear systems

GSoC 2015

Student Project Summary
Asma Afzal Optimization package: Add Matlab-compatible lsqcurvefit, lsqlin, lsqnonlin, etc.
Piotr Held Interface to the TISEAN library
Antonio Pino Robles Improved performance of funm and related matrix functions

SoCiS 2015

Student Project Summary
Carnë Draug Bioformats for Octave, implement watershed, and improve regionprops and hist3

GSoC 2014

Student Project Summary
Eduardo Fernández Incomplete matrix factorizations
Eugenio Gianniti Finite element modeling using an interface to FEniCS
David Spies Improvements to handling of sparse matrices

SoCiS 2014

Student Project Summary
Jacopo Corno Matlab-compatible ODE solvers

GSoC 2013

Student Project Summary
Ahsan Said Agora Octave web site
Vytautas Jančauskas Audio processing and file I/O functions
Gedeone General purpose finite element method library
Andrej Lojdl TeX rendering engine for plotting figures
Carnë Draug Improve N-dimensional image support in the image package
Matheus Vieira Portela GUI for manipulating closed-loop systems for the control package
Riupeng Li Incomplete sparse LU and Cholesky factorizations
Kai Torben Ohlhus Other improvements to sparse LU and Cholesky factorizations and [1]
LYH JIT compilation improvements

SoCiS 2013

Student Project Summary
Roberto Porcù Geometric integrators for Hamiltonian systems and ODE solvers

GSoC 2012

Student Project Summary
Max Brister JIT compilation using LLVM
Jacob Dawid Native Octave GUI
Benjamin Lewis Least squares spectral analysis toolbox

SoCiS 2012

Student Project Summary
Wendy Liu Agora Octave web site
Andrius Sutas Low-level I/O functions

GSoC 2011

Student Project Summary
Daniel Kraft Profiler for the Octave interpreter