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== Your steps to apply ==
#REDIRECT [[Summer of Code - Getting Started]]
# Find out that you would like to work together with us this summer!
# Tell us about that and work on your project proposal. Do this together with us! Best place is your wiki user page, see below.
# Fill out our '''''public''''' application template. This is best done by '''[[Special:CreateAccount|creating an account at this wiki]]''' and copying the '''[[Template:Student_application_template_public|template]]''' from its page. <br/> You really only need to copy and answer the '''''public''''' part there, there is no need to showcase everything else to everybody reading your user page!
# Fill out our '''''private''''' application template. This is best done by copying the '''[[Template:Student_application_template_private|template]]''' from its page and ''' adding the required information to your application at Google (melange) '''.<br/> Only the organization admin and the possible mentors will see this data.<br/>You can still edit it after submitting until the deadline!
# Hang out in our IRC channel, ask questions, submit patches, show us that you are motivated and well-prepared. There sadly will be more applicants than we can mentor with high quality, so do ask for feedback on your public application to increase your odds!
# Start implementing your very own proposal! Code the summer away ;-)
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