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To report a bug, please use the bug tracker.

This page is intended to allow those developers without the authority to change the status of bugs on bug tracker to point out bugs that have been fixed, or other suggested status changes, to those who do have authority to update bug tracker. The goal is that this will be a short list, which is easier for the core developers to scan than the entire bug tracker list. Currently, it is just Lachlan's thoughts on the 50 or so "Patch submitted" bugs.

N/C means no change.

"Types" are chosen so that importance is typically decreasing if sorted by type: C=crash, E=error (wrong result), M=gives error on code Matlab accepts, O=bug in existing Octave functionality that is not part of Matlab, P=performance, X=extension (request to accept code Matlab doesn't accept).)


Bug ID Status Suggested action Type comments
31626 Patch Apply patch X
32008 Patch N/C M Needs more documentation so a committer can understand it thoroughly
32088 Patch "In progress" Existing patch does not meet requirements
32885 Patch Review latest patch E Patch is simple..
32924 Patch "Postponed" E Jordi was going to fix this in 2011. Should re-allocated to "None"?
33503 Patch "closed" -- This is just a matter of roundoff
33523}} Confirmed Review patch M
34363 Patch "None" P All supplied patches have been applied
34624 Patch "Duplicate"? O Duplicate of #44095?
36372 Patch See if "reverse ordinal" is useful P,X
36646 Patch "In progress"? M The patches fix some statistical tests but not all. No progress for two years.
#41315 Open Fixed Fixed in 4.0.1
#41512 Open Review patch M
#42705 Open Review patch O Patch will need polishing after approval-in-principle
#42825 Confirmed Review patch E
#42850 Confirmed Review patch C
#45219 None Review patch M
#45654 Open Review patch O Patch will need polishing after approval-in-principle
#46931 Patch None E The patch is working