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[ ode15s.m].
Possible useful improvements that could be done in a new project include:
* Implement a better funtion for selecting consistent initial conditions compatible with Matlab's decic.m. The algorithm to use is described [ here]
* make ode15{i,s} with datatypes other than double
* improve interpolation at intermediate time steps.
* general code profiling and optimization
Other tasks, not strictly related to ode15{i,s} that could be added to a possible project plan would be improving documentation tests in odepkg and removing overlaps with the documentation in core Octave.
* '''Required skills'''
: Medium.
* '''Potential mentors'''
: Francesco Faccio, Carlo de Falco, Marco Caliari, Jacopo Corno, Sebastian Schöps
=== Improve logm, sqrtm, funm ===


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