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Download and install gnuplot if you do not have it. You can find the windows installer in the "[ gnuplot web site for Files section]" The latest version is 5.0.3.
Make .octaverc in your USERPROFILE directory.
We can find path of USERPROFILE directory by
make an .octaverc file in USERPROFILE directory by your favorite text editor and set gnuplot_binary e.g.
gnuplot_binary 'C:\Program Files (x86)\gnuplot\bin\gnuplot.exe'
Please do not forget to quote the path name by single quote (') if name of which has (a) white space(s).
gnuplot ver. 5 supports windows, wxt and qt terminal. On octave, windows terminal is default.
If you want change it to wxt terminal, execute
>> setenv GNUTERM wxt
You can of course describe it on in .octaverc.
== Octave 4.0.3 on cygwin==