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This is a list of Packages available for GNU Octave.
= For a collection of high quality packages see [[:Category:Octave Forge|Octave Forge ]]. = External Packages = Feel free to add your package. == GeoPDEs ==
The official community packages: [http://octaverafavzqz.sourceforgegithub.netio/ geopdes/ GeoPDEs] is an open source and free package for the research and teaching of Isogeometric Analysis, written in Octave and fully compatible with Matlab.
You may also take The GeoPDEs package provides a look at common and flexible framework for implementing and testing new isogeometric methods for the Wiki page for each package: http://wiki.octavesolution of partial differential
= Other Packages = FEATool - Finite Element Analysis Toolbox ==
Feel free [ FEATool Multiphysics] is a commercial and proprietary Octave and Matlab FEM toolbox for modeling and simulation of physics and engineering applications with the finite element method. FEATool features an easy to add unlisted packagesuse GUI and fully integrated CAD, geometry tools, automatic grid generation and solvers. *
== go-redis ==
== octsympy ==
A : ''Main article: [[Symbolic Package for package]]'' This package is now part of Octave using SymPyForge as [[Symbolic package]]. Main development site is still at sci cosim == : ''Main article: [[sci cosim]]'' Scilab co-simulation package
== shogun ==
== epanet-octave ==
The epanet-octave open source library is a wrapper, including some scripts, to call Epanet Toolkit. Functions are adapted to improve its usability in GNU Octave (e.g. allowing vectors as EpaNet Toolkit function inputs). Still under development.
== mexopencv ==
Collection and a development kit of matlab mex functions for OpenCV library
== Octave Web Interface and Server ==
A simple web interface and server with Plotly js/html plotting backend.
== gpml==
Gaussian processes for machine learning
* [ Webpage of the author]
* [ Repository]
* Downloads or pkg installation:
== ekfukf ==
Kalman filtering and smoothing
* [ Repository]
== fda ==
Functional data analysis
* [ Webpage of the author]
* [ Repository]
== See also ==
* [[Creating packages]]
* [[Reviewing Octave-Forge packages]]
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