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--Agustin Barto
At the University of Applied Sciences Bern I teach a 2 hour class on using Octave for engineers. Find the corresponding lectures notes at (
and the codes at ( Feedback on the lecture notes is always welcome, I have to justify the time required to keep them up to date.
At the University of Bern in the Master program for Biomedical Engineering I use Octave to support the class on Numerical Methods (
The missing feature students are asking for is a GUI, I do not need a GUI, probably age related ;-)
For the current research project of numerical simulations of the Novikov Veselov equations I use Octave
to implement the finite difference methods and the spectral methods with great success.
--Andreas Stahel
Aside from using Octave for 90%+ of my own thesis work at the University of Colorado in Boulder, I have contributed to a project called CISM-DX. This is a collection of analysis and visualization tools based heavily on Octave and OpenDX? that is being developed as part of the NSF-funded Center for Integraged Space-weather Modeling (CISM). I don't think it (CISM-DX) has been used extensively in a traditional class setting, but it has been used in CISM's annual "summer school", a crash course intro to applied space physics held each year at Boston University. I wouldn't be surprised if others more familiar with CISM-DX are lurking about this list that could tell you more if they just spoke up.
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