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Windows Installer

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Recently some work has been done in maintaining a unified build system mxe-octave (a fork of [ MXE]) which anyone can use to produce cross as well as native builds of GNU Octave for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. This page contains instructions about creating a Windows installer using mxe-octave.
==Installing requirements of MXE Octave==
MXE Octave requires a recent Unix system where all components as stated below are installed.
===Debian (GNU/kFreeBSD & GNU/Linux)===
aptitude install -R autoconf automake bash bison bzip2 \
cmake flex gettext git g++ intltool \
libffi-dev libtool libltdl-dev openssl libssl-dev \
libxml-parser-perl make patch perl \
pkg-config scons sed unzip wget \
xz-utils yasm
On 64-bit Debian, install also:
aptitude install -R g++-multilib libc6-dev-i386
If you are using Ubuntu, then you can do apt-get install foo instead of aptitude install -R foo
Steps to create Windows Installer


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