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→‎Debian and Debian-based (such as Ubuntu): remove the <version> which is no longer valid and doc package which are installed automatically.
=Debian and Debian-based (such as Ubuntu)=
Either use {{Codeline|aptitude}} or {{Codeline|apt-get}}Simply install Octave from your distribution repository:
# aptitude apt-get install install octave<version> octave<version>-doc
where {{Codeline|<version>}} must be substituted by For old versions of Ubuntu that only supply old versions of Octave, consider using Octave's PPA. For more details, see the appropriate string[[Debian]] specific instructions page.
The Octave-Forge packages There are spread over many also Debian packages. All for each of the Octave-Forge packages will probably , usually named {{codeline|octave<pkgname>}}, e.g, {{codeline|octave-image}} and {{codeline|octave-statistics}} for the image processing and statistics package respectively. A complete list of them can be found with the command:
$ aptitude search ?description\(octave-forge\) For more details, see the [[Debian]] specific instructions page.

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