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Asking for package to be released under GPL: examples

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offer a truly free platform for the exchange of our research. I hope
you join us!
Looking forward to your answer,
Best regards,
* 27/3/2012
Dear Kasper Winther Joergensen,
My name is Juan Pablo Carbajal, I am a developer of Octave-Forge[1]. I have downloaded the nmf toolbox 1-4-0 from your website and I find it very useful.
Would you like to contribute it to Octave-Forge? I know licensing issues are difficult topics and therefore I approach you with utter respect.
If you accept this invitation to contribute code to Octave-Forge, I can offer you the following
- You will be properly credited and your papers will be linked as well.
- Maintenance of your toolbox, test and demos will be taken over by the Octave and Octave-forge community. Of course you can continue contributing, and we will very happy to have you among us.
- I will take care of code formatting, demos and test.
- You function will be directly downloaded and installed form an Octave terminal (assuming it is packed inside linear-algebra package):
>pkg -forge install linear-algebra
The only thing that you need to do is to release your code under GPLv3 (we like this one :D ) or any license compatible with them, e.g.
FreeBSD. Chih-Jen Lin (author of the file nmf_cjlin in your toolbox) and Jingu Kim have already send me their permission to post their code in Octave-Forge. I hope you join us!
In case you are interested, I can tell you about successful experiences of together researches contributing their work. For example the Matgeom community[2] released under GPLv3 so that Octave-forge can mirror they package[3]. Biomechanics & Neurosciences researchers[4] have also changed their license to GPLv3 to allow us to produce packages out of their excellent algorithms. We are trying to offer a truly free platform for the exchange of our research.
Looking forward to your answer,