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The {{Forge|image|image package}} is part of the octave-forge Octave Forge project. See its {{Forge|image|homepage}} for the latest release.
== Development ==
| {{bug|52715}} || [octave forge] (image) Add full data range option to ycbcrfunc conversions || None
| {{bug|52933}} || [octave-forge] (image) regionprops Perimeter returns Matlab incompatible results || Patch Submitted
| {{bug|52959}} || [octave-forge] (image) histeq is not compatible with Matlab || None
| {{bug|53654}} || [octave-forge] (image) "rgb2gray.m shadows a core function" only under Windows, not under Linux || Works For Me
* {{patch|9602}}: multithresh () for the image package
* {{patch|9603}}: [Octave Forge] (Image) New functions: xyz2double.m, xyz2single.m, xyz2uint16.m
* {{patch|9606}}: [Octave-forge] (image) New function integralImage
* {{patch|9608}}: image package: new function colorangle
* Obs: implay, iptgetpref, iptprefs, iptsetpref functions are on Basic Display section too...

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