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The most recent official release is [ version 0.8.5], which however is out of date (it includes functions which have been transferred to core Octave) and [ will] [ not] [ install] at all with recent compilers and versions of Octave.
Until a new official release is made, Octave 4.2.x users might consider installing a development snapshot of the package, as follows:
<nowiki> [fname, success] = urlwrite ("", [P_tmpdir "odepkg.tar.gz"]); assert (success) pkg ("install", fname)
These directions are for users running To install under the Octave stable release4.3. For users running the 0+ development version of Octave, follow one can use the same directions but replace <code>default.tar.gz</code> with <code>octave43.tar.gz</code>.following instead:
[fname, success] = urlwrite ("", [P_tmpdir "odepkg.tar.gz"]);
assert (success)
pkg ("install", fname)