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= Public application template =
This part is should be answered in public on your '''[[Special:MyPage|user page]]'''. Please '''copy ''' its source ('''edit''' tab) and then fill. '''DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THIS PAGE!''' Delete any examples and annotations (''this markup'') afterwards. Same for questions that do not apply to your situation.
== A: An introduction ==
* Please describe yourself in three sentences, one of them regarding your current studies.
** I'm Mithil Kumar, a third-year computer science undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M). I'm a quick learner, hard worker and always eager to learn something new.
** Which languages do you speak?
*** I can communicate in English, Hindi, and Gujarati. I can also speak and understand little german.
** What's your overall background? ''The general field you work in or are studying, e.g. computer science, physics, artificial intelligence, control theory...''
*** I'm a third-year Computer Science undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Madras.* Why do you want to participate in the Google Summer of Code? What do you hope to gain by doing so?** I think Google Summer of Code is a great opportunity to learn about open source community and apply some concepts learned during the curriculum, in practice. It'd be a great headstart to my professional career. I hope to gain professional and practical experience.** Please also describe your previous experience with the GSoC, if any. ''Includes any community-bonding, mentor experience or application, not necessarily accepted. We use this subquestion to identify which students are unfamiliar with how the program goes, providing further support. It has no negative impact on your rating!''*** This is my first GSoC experience.
* Why are you choosing Octave?
** I opted for Octave cause it overlaps with my interest areas. I have excellent computer science and mathematical background which inclines me towards Octave.Also, I have worked on Octave for a while and I'd love to contribute to it.
== C: Contact ==
* Please state the (unique and identical where possible) nick you use on IRC and any other communication channel related to Octave. ''We really want unique nicks. You might want to bold it.''
** IRC : '''Mithil'''
** Savannah :'''Mithil'''
** Wiki : '''Mithil'''
* Which time zone do you live in? Will that change over GSoC duration? ''Perhaps DST adjustment or a relocation. Note that both UTC and GMT are not aware of daylight saving time! Please state UTC+x or -x.''
** My time zone is UTC + 5:30. No, it 'll not change during GSoC.
* Please state the timeframe (in UTC+0) when you feel most comfortable working during GSoC. Where are your time buffers?
** ''Example: I usually code around 9.00 to 18.00 and could also try to start earlier (~7.00) for few days ;-)''** I can work around 13.00 to 19.00 (in UTC + 0) but it would be flexible.
== E: Coding experience ==
This part is one of the more important ones in your application. You are allowed to be as verbose as you want, as long as you stay on topic ;-)
* Please describe your experience with C++, Octave or Matlab m-scripts, OpenGL and Qt.
** '''C++''': I have 2-3 years of experience with C++ and I'm well aware of the Object Oriented concepts of C++.
** '''Octave or Matlab''': I started using Octave during my last summer research and then continued using it for Machine Learning course(Online course). I have been actively following the octave code base and thus I have a pretty decent grasp over m-scripts.
** '''OpenGL and Qt''': I have no prior experience in both of them but I'm eager to learn about them if necessary.
* Please describe your experience with other programming languages.
** C:I have over 4 years of experience in C which I picked during my school days and continued in college.
** Python: I'm well versed in python. I have worked on a number of python projects.
** Java: I can work with Java, which I picked up during one of the college course.
* Please describe your experience with being in a development team. ''Do you have experience working with open source or free projects?''
** I have been a part of my Institute startup where I was a part of frontend development team. I have no prior experience with open source or free project but I'm sure this would be a great start for me.
* Please describe the biggest project you have written code for and what you learned by doing so. Also, describe your role in that project over time.
** Currently, I'm working on my curriculum project which manages and monitors a number of systems connected via the same network. It is a client-server web application. I have worked on client side data extracting part and soon I'll shift to server side backend team. Here is some of my documented work : []
* Please state the commits and patches you already contributed to Octave. ''This question (one of the most important parts by the way) is the only part of your application our wiki admins will edit for you even after the application deadline. Code sometimes speaks louder than many words do.''
** I have contributed to the Mapping package. [][]
== F: Feeling fine ==
* Please describe (in short) your experience with the following tools: ''We only use this question to determine where you need guidance, not for rating! We by no means expect you to be familiar with all of these and you'll won't necessarily need all of them while working with us.''** IRC and mailing lists
** Mercurial or other source code management systems
** Mediawiki or other wiki software
** make, gcc, gdb or other development tools
* What will make you actively stay in our community after this GSoC is over? ''You can also tell us after applications close and we'll happily try to fulfill :-)''
== P: Prerequisites ==
* Please state the operating system you work with.
** If you have access to more than one, please state them and the conditions under which you are granted this access.
* Please estimate an average time per day you will be able to access
** an internet connection
** a computer
** a computer with your progressing work on
* Please describe the degree to which you can install new software on computers you have access to.
* Did you select a task from our list of proposals and ideas?
** If yes, what task did you choose? Please describe what part of it you especially want to focus on if you can already provide this information. ''Please also wiki-link the page for your elaborated proposal here.''
** If you apply for a task you have added yourself instead, please describe this task, its scope and people you already talked to concerning it. What field of tasks did you miss on the list?
* Please provide a rough estimated timeline for your work on the task. ''This should include the GSoC midterms and personal commitments like exams or vacation ("non-coding time"). If possible, include two or three milestones you expect.''
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