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== Tips and tricks ==
* A normal lunch at CERN costs about 15 CHF, inclusive of one coffee and one delicious dessert.* You can pay with CHF and EUR in CERN (the drawback is always CHF) and most of stores and restaurants in Geneva* The AC power plugs you'll find at CeRN are SEV_1011 ( You can borrow one at the hostel reception.* As guest you can only enter and exit the main CERN area through entrance B(SEV 1011),_Netzspannungen_und_-frequenzen#/media/File:J_plug_-_1.jpg* A bus ride from the airport to CERN is free of charge, if you take a ticket at the vending machine in the baggage claim area. Should you miss that vending machine, a ticket will cost you 3.00 CHF.
== Previous OctConf ==
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