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According to the discussions on the mailing list (maintainers@octave.org), a rough roadmap has been sketched for the future development.
#REDIRECT [[7.1 Release Checklist ]]
* Work for the next few days on the stable branch until a release is ready, in whatever state it is in within the next few days. The outstanding big bugs are in the GUI, and we've agreed that we'll just release with those bugs and the warnings that jwe has put in.
* Create a new gui-release branch based off current default
* Merge classdef into default. Close classdef branch.
* New experimental features and development go into the default branch. This will either be a 4.2 or 5.x release.
* Merging order goes like this: stable -> gui-release -> default
* After the 3.8 release, we work hard on the gui-release branch and release 4.0 from gui-release. Final merge of gui-release into default and close gui-release. Hopefully we can do this within a few months, say, no more than 4.
* Try to focus all efforts on gui-release to the extent that a 3.8.1 release won't even be necessary, but as usual, critical bugs in the 3.8 release get patched on stable and forward-merged into release-gui and fault, just in case we really do need to do 3.8.1

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