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Visual comparison of plot files from until compare_plot_demos_0_08.html

You can find the scripts which are used to create these plots in scripts/testfun/private.


gnuplot 4.6

The monochrome prints are reported here #48832

Qt and gnuplot (independent of the used graphics_toolkit)

Matlab errors due to incompatibilities

won't fix or Octave only feature

  • matlab comet3_01, comet.png: Only the beginning of the animation is printed. Matlab implements comet in a completely different way which means printing isn't really possible for them.
  • matlab polar_03, polar_05: Modifying ticks for rho (rticks) and theta (tticks) is an Octave addition.
  • matlab polar_04: Modifying color and text properties in polar plot is an Octave addition.
  • Multiple Matlab plots with "Error in color/linetype argument". This is because adding legend keys with ";" in plot like "plot(1:10, "; a ramp;)" is an Octave only addition.