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A list of open issues that are related to the differences in math libraries among different systems:

Bug number Description
bug #57071 Fix math.h and function names that block 64-bit double
bug #55538 logspace BIST tests fail when Octave built with LLVM libc++
bug #62212 Wrong unsigned integer overflow with clang
bug #49984 fabs missing from libm implementation.
bug #61812 Math constants (e.g. M_PI) are not part of C/C++ standard
bug #49091 MinGW std::acosh less accurate than Linux versions
bug #60784 Inconsistent behavior for boolean matrix types with matrix functions
bug #45481 rem and fmod may give very wrong results for large arguments
bug #61715 Inconsistent NaN results for exponential function (0+0i)^0 with libc++ and libstdc++
bug #45746 Incorrect results of trigonometric functions gsl_sf_sin and gsl_sf_cos
bug #62332 [MinGW] acos(z), asin(z) and atan(z) , ( z = x + yi ) return wrong result for imaginary part lower than 1e-12