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== See also ==
== See also ==
* Next meeting: [[Online Developer Meeting (2022-08-30)]]
* Next meeting: [[Online Developer Meeting (2022-08-23)]]
* Last meeting: [[Online Developer Meeting (2022-06-28)]]
* Last meeting: [[Online Developer Meeting (2022-06-28)]]

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Today's topics

  • GSoC progress
  • VM progress
  • Octave packages progress
  • Octave 7.3 and 8 timeline

Previous topics

  • Octave 7.2
    • jwe indicated a release is imminent
  • VM updates
    • Presentations by mnabipoor and Petter
    • Both efforts will move forward
    • Need to define VM language
  • Fosshost and hosting updates
    • Kai presented details of migration and documentation of the migration process
  • MinusForge to finally move to Octave Packages with pkg install -forge
    • Timeline to deprecate https://octave.sourceforge.org.
    • Kai presented this new mechanism to obtain "pkg install -forge" functionality for GitHub packages in addition to SourceForge, en route to leaving SourceForge
  • GSOC status/progress check-in
  • Follow up on implementing classdef classes in C++
    • jwe presented updates on the classdef functionality.

See also