Online Developer Meeting (2022-05-24)

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Today's topics

  • The potential use of Jitter and other virtual machines to speed up Octave execution, by Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor.
  • Drop "native" MXE Octave builders from buildbot configuration?
  • Timeframe for Octave 7.2 release?
    • Important fixes (among others possible loss of .m file content on exit)
    • still unresolved: bug #62308 use of octave::feval causes error: function '...' not found

Previous topics

  • Meet and greet 5 minutes before meeting (audio testing).
  • Performance over time (Arun, Rik)
    • Discourse thread for background
    • Analysis and profiling of existing code base -- share and solicit experiences.
    • Performance benchmark to track speed over time as part of CI? (Not as part of CI for now, can be done separately, Arun will share progress updates on Discourse)
  • GSoC: call for mentors (Nir/Kai)
    • Interesting mentors should write to Nir or Kai before: 2022-05-06, ideally before.
    • Final deadline (to the sponsor) is May 12.
  • Octave 7.1.0 post-release remarks:
    • Overall time from merge of default to stable (2021-11-24) until release of version 7.1.0 (2022-04-06): approx. 4 months
      • Why does it take us so long for the last couple of releases?
      • Should we start the release process earlier?
    • A couple of bugs have been solved on the stable branch since the release. Last time we released 6.2.0 pretty early after 6.1.0. Should we do the same again?
    • Regressions that should probably be solved before a potential 7.2.0:
      • bug #62308: use of octave::feval causes error: function '...' not found
      • patch #10200: wrong axes using stairs in subplot --- This affects a lot more plotting functions besides stairs. They always plot into gca and ignore the input axes handle.
      • others?

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