Online Developer Meeting (2021-07-27)

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Todays topics

  • Meet and greet 5 minutes before meeting (audio testing).

Octave 6.3 released

  • No "official" announcement happened. Maybe reuse abandoned mailing-lists to announce important events, such as releases.
  • How do distribution maintainers get to know about Octave releases?
    • Contact Debian maintainers of the Octave package to maybe improve our communication (Kai).

User expectations for "Evaluate selection"

Previous topics

The following items were not discussed. Just some links to progress on those items are displayed.

Octave 6.3.0


  • Instead of an in-person conference, meet up virtually.
  • Ideas for code-sprint?
    • Improve test coverage
    • That could include automated tests for GUI features ("expect", Qt test classes, set OCTAVE_SHOW_GUI_MESSAGES to 1 to display signals with missing connections, ...). Does anyone have experience with this?


  • Make widgets more modular
    • remove connections to parents (or parents of parents,...)
    • Only pass settings objects (instead of base qwidget) to widgets?
  • Add widgets for:
    • displaying call stack. Select function in stack for appropriate dbup or dbdown command.
    • displaying result to an expression. Similar to debugger (watcher, ...)
  • User expectations for evaluation code from the editor ("Evaluate selection") or the variable editor ("plot") while there is still pending input on the command line?


  • Add feature to temporarily disable breakpoints
  • Check syntax for breakpoints in subfunctions, local functions, private functions, methods, ... (dbstatus). See: Identifiers for breakpoints


  • Current version is not Matlab-compatible nor correct in some circumstances.
  • Rik is currently implementing a replacement.

IRC channel on Freenode is down?

  • Replacement on libera?
  • jwe will probably post something on discourse.
  • See: IRC channel for Octave (on Discourse).

Ideas for next meeting

See also