Online Developer Meeting (2020-10-27)

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Todays topics

  • Meet and greet 5 minutes before meeting (audio testing).

Octave 6 release status

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Octave 6 release in November (tentative)
  • What is left to be done?
    • Complete items in 6.1 Release Checklist
    • There are 13 bugs marked for 6.0.9x release candidates (see bug overview page)
      • For the Octave 6 release this number has not necessarily to be 0
      • Developers should go through this list and focus on the relevant ones:
        • #59206 "crash during matrix multiplication (Win only)"
          • Very important probably an OpenBLAS issue.
        • #59331 "Processor load stays up after `__run_test_suite__`"
          • Still investigating.
        • #57591 "Segmentation faults when running the test suite (mostly with clang)"?
          • jwe reported he has a trace log to get to the bottom of it.

Broken packages in MXE Octave

  • Should there be a grace period for package maintainers to adapt to Octave 6 before the 6.1 release?
    • Release is scheduled for November.
    • Active package maintainers already up-to-date.
    • Only contact package maintainers who's packages currently fail:
      • odepkg runs in an infinite loop while testing; BitBucket repo no longer available; Kai contacts cdf via mailing-list.
      • SparseRSB contacted in #58957.
  • Many broken packages cannot identified in MXE Octave builds.
    • jwe? reported that some packages intentionally deactivate warnings about deprecated functions until it is "too late" and the package no longer builds. Please do not do this.

Octave Buildbot (Kai)

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