Online Developer Meeting (2020-07-28)

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Todays topics

  • Meet and greet 5 minutes before meeting (audio testing).

Octave 6 release status

  • We should create a first release candidate (RC) Octave 6.0.90 soon. Base for discussing and working on further bug findings.
  • Still hard to fix blocking bugs
    • Bug with graphic handles while closing Octave (bug #58814) was reported. This happens when exit is called from a script or when directly calling exit after running the script in the CLI. How to properly handle graphics callbacks during exit?
    • 32-bit MS Windows builds
      • ode15 with Sundials make problems (bug #58795). Maybe already solved.
      • Precision problems failing the test suite (bug #58807). Solvable by requiring SSE2 instructions. Go ahead with it.
      • Unreported GUI problems. Done with (bug #58844).
  • Are there breaking changes in Octave 6 to inform package maintainers? No, only deprecated functions are now removed.
  • Add script to start GDB session from Octave for debugging, see Debugging Octave.

Octave community

  • Changes about the mailing-list advertisements
    • Are there sports left where the help mailing-list is advertised, e.g. GUI? Maybe not.
  • Get rid of nabble? (Discussion was short here)

Octave 7 ideas

  • Range datatype
    • Should Octave support numeric operations on them?
    • There was a thread on the maintainers mailing-list by jwe. Open discourse thread about it.
  • Loading and saving
    • Octave load/save supports a bunch of data types (mat v4, text, ascii, ...)
      • Deprecate some of them? Open Discourse discussion about it.
      • Large array support for Octave's own storage types?
      • Storage of nested functions in mat v4 in Matlab possible?
    • Focus on the HDF5 format in the future. Matlab prioritizes it too, external tools for viewing the files available.
    • Support classdef load/save.

Code sprints

  • There was a suggestion to have online code sprints, dedicated to one particular topic, as addition to the online developer meetings.

Ideas for next meeting

Topic suggestions

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