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Todays topics

  • Meet and greet 5 minutes before meeting (audio testing).

Octave 6 release status

  • We should create a first release candidate (RC) Octave 6.0.90 soon. Base for discussing and working on further bug findings.
  • Still hard to fix blocking bugs
    • Build (RC) anyway!
    • crashes during doc graphics creation seem to be fixed (bug #56952)
    • still elusive crashes while running the test suite on the build bots (bug #57591) -> Maybe the broader user base of an RC can shed some light on "real-life frequency" of these crashes.
    • possible background: interaction between graphics system and interpreter is different from interaction of rest of GUI with the interpreter. Possibly resolvable by a copy-on-write approach for graphics objects (postponed to Octave 7)
  • Other important bugs
    • calling script from nested functions (bug #58691 fixed)
    • empty list creation if one element is not assigned (bug #58686 not a blocker)
  • Try to tackle bugs with debuggers
    • valgrind slow
    • -fsanitize=thread in memory and faster

Ideas for next meeting

Topic suggestions

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