odepkg was part of the Octave Forge project. It contains additional functions for numerically solving ordinary differential equations.

The most recent official release of the odepkg is version 0.8.5 (from 2015), which however is out of date and will not install with recent compilers and versions of Octave.

Some functions of the original odepkg have been transferred to core Octave in the versions 4.2 and 4.4. Those are:

If you attempt to install odepkg using pkg install -forge, you will get the following error:

error: get_forge_pkg: package not found: "odepkg".

BitBucket repositoryEdit

Some further development on the odepkg takes place on https://bitbucket.org/odepkg/odepkg. One can install that version for:

  • Octave 4.2:
 [fname, success] = urlwrite ("https://bitbucket.org/odepkg/odepkg/get/default.tar.gz", [P_tmpdir "/odepkg.tar.gz"]);
 assert (success)
 pkg ("install", fname)
  • Octave 4.4 and newer:
 [fname, success] = urlwrite ("https://bitbucket.org/odepkg/odepkg/get/octave43.tar.gz", [P_tmpdir "/odepkg.tar.gz"]);
 assert (success)
 pkg ("install", fname)

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