Octave for other Unix systems

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For other Unix systems you may have to build Octave from source.


If you're running FreeBSD you have two options: you can build from source (via ports) or get the precompiled package:

  • Using ports:

Make sure you have your port tree updated. Check FreeBSD documentation about how to do that. Then, as root, type:

cd /usr/ports/math/octave 
make install clean 

After a while you should have your octave ready to use.

  • Using packages:

As root type:

pkg_add -r octave 

If everything goes fine, it'll fetch the package and install it.

Either way it may also be a good idea to install the package called "octave-forge"


Octave can be installed on OpenBSD by installing the precompiled package or by building from source.

The Octave package for OpenBSD is currently at version 3.0.5. Install it as root:

 pkg_add octave

Building from source on OpenBSD takes a bit of work at the moment, see Compiling on OpenBSD for more details.