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Minimal instructions for installing Octave-3.6.0 on [http://www.mingw.org/ MinGW].
#REDIRECT [[Octave for Microsoft Windows (outdated)#Older MinGW ports]]
==Installation Instructions for MinGW==
Download [http://www.tatsuromatsuoka.com/octave/Eng/Win/ Tatsuro's 3.6.0 binary, build env and dependency zips], and place their contents as described below.
=== msys-tm &rArr; \msys (msys\1.0\<> &rArr; .\msys) ===
* bin
* etc  (Adapt fstab!!!)
* home
* postinstall
* share
=== mingw-tm &rArr; \mingw ===
* share: clean up, only keep doc/, info/, locale/ and man/
* keep the rest
=== gplibs ===
* bin &rArr; \bin
* etc &rArr; \etc
* include &rArr; \include
* lib &rArr; \lib
* share\man &rArr; mingw\share\man
* man &rArr; \mingw\man
=== Octavelibs ===
* bin &rArr; \bin
* lib &rArr; \lib
* man &rArr; \mingw\man
* share &rArr; \share
* include &rArr; \include
=== gnuwin32 &rArr; \gnuwin32 ===
Add /license
Adapt /share/octave/3.6.0/m/starttup/octaverc (add editor, default dir)
Adapt octave360.bat (proper paths to /bin, /mingw/bin, /msys/bin)
=== To do (incomplete list!) ===
* clean up
* add licenses from dependency libs
* ....
Philip Nienhuis, Jan 16, 2012
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